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About us

Preis-Aquaristik, a name that has become integral to the world of aquarium keeping.

Klaus Georg Preis founded the company in 1967 with 4 products for the preparation of water, products which are all still bestsellers today.
At the time, Klaus Georg Preis also used to procure crocodiles and other exotic animals for zoos.
It was from this beginning that the crocodile became the company trademark, eventually acquiring a worldwide reputation. The crocodile will continue to grace the extensive Preis-Aquaristik product range in memory of Klaus Georg Preis who died in 1991. Since then, the company has been run very effectively by Cornelia Preis.

Ever since, Preis-Aquaristik has stood for top quality thanks to very practical development and research. 1985 saw the breakthrough with the introduction of Preis Sea Salt. Thanks to constant further development, this has since become one of the company’s bestselling products. Countless zoos, aquariums open to the public, breeders and discerning aquarium enthusiasts across the world know the benefits of Preis Sea Salt `Made in Germany`.

Cornelia Preis and Sandra Preis

Over time, Cornelia Preis developed around 20 products and invested in extensive building projects to extend the warehouse and production facilities. In 1993, she also built a marine aquarium for aquarium enthusiasts and zoo wholesalers. Products are still developed and tested there today.

In 2003, her daughter Sandra Preis joined the family company. Her fascination with the marine aquarium world saw her take over the running of the aquarium within a very short time.
She has also added fresh impetus to the department of Product Development and Marketing.
In 2009, Sandra Preis wrote her first book for beginners: `Meerwasser Nano-Fibel` (“Nano Marine Primer”).

Mother and daughter, who complement each other excellently within their middle-sized family company, attach huge priority to top-quality products and first class service.
In 2010, Cornelia and Sandra Preis decided to branch out in a completely new direction. Fascinated by the world of marine aquariums, they decided to expand by buying over the company Ricordea-Farm from Düsseldorf. Preis-Aquaristik changed its name to Preis-Aquaristik KG and daughter Sandra became a shareholder.
Building is currently in progress in a move to integrate the Farm into the local premises. Ricordea-Farm is scheduled for completion by the end of 2010 when it will be open to zoo wholesalers throughout the world.
This will create the perfect alliance, allowing customers to get both first-class products and unusual corals from one and the same company.

2015 was a very special year.  In honor of the 5 year anniversary Ricordea Farm launched its own product line.
We are extremely proud about the birth of our daughter and grand-daughter Anna-Nela

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