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Preis-Aquaristik, a name that has become integral to the world of aquarium keeping.

Klaus Georg Preis founded the company in 1967 with 4 products for the preparation of water, products which are all still bestsellers today.
At the time, Klaus Georg Preis also used to procure crocodiles and other exotic animals for zoos. continue -->



Preis -Easy-Glue universal

Universal, thermal, kneadable glue for fresh and salt water aquariums.

This granulate has special characteristics; it has a very low melting point and can be melted in hot water into a soft, kneadable form. The dough remains workable for 1-2 minutes, and only regains its hard form after it has completely cooled down. Preis-Easy-Glue Universal can be used without hesitation in fresh and salt water aquariums.

For example, one can connect pipes, roots, or reef rocks together. It is possible to form anything with this glue. Furthermore, it can also be used for repairs pertaining to the aquarium. Likewise, it is also ideal for fixing...-->continue

Discus Water Fit

For a fast biological equilibrium plus minerals, especially for Discus.

Discus Water Fit
helps to create a faster biological equilibrium in your water. Its usage is ideal when changing water or for new installations.

Discus Water Fit neutralizes aggressive materials and enriches your water with fish -appropriate bacterias. At the same time it -->continue


Calcium Fluid KH Fluid Magnesium Fluid

This is a very effective and simple way to add Calcium, Magnesium and Carbonate hardness to your aquarium. The liquid stock solution based on the Hans Werner Balling method makes mixing, weighing and the preparation of single components obsolete. The canisters are ready and can be added manually as well as with the help of a dosing system.

The demand is calculated by simply using the dosing program

Magnesium Fluid correlates to 2% stock solution

The KH Fluid is also suited to raise the carbonate in fresh water...continue -->


Ricordea-Farm Volume 2

For many years, Ricordea-Farm has been your supplier for the most beautiful Ricordea florida in Europe.
On the occasion of the 5 year anniversary of our company, within the Preis-Aquaristik headquarter, we are glad to introduce an outstanding new product line.
The new range of products comprises a variety of fish food, coral food, handy filter media, water care products and premium sea salt.
Modern and efficient products of top-quality have emerged from the additional know-how and several years’ experience of the work at our farm.
And the best part - at a fair and attractive price.
All the relevant product information can be found on our new homepage
You are a specialist retailer and interested in the new range of products?
Send an email to and we will gladly send you our dealer conditions.

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