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Preis-Aquaristik, a name that has become integral to the world of aquarium keeping.

Klaus Georg Preis founded the company in 1967 with 4 products for the preparation of water, products which are all still bestsellers today.
At the time, Klaus Georg Preis also used to procure crocodiles and other exotic animals for zoos. continue -->



Preis Granules

Complete food for marine fish.

Specifically formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of marine fish.
High shares of RED BREEZE promote well-being, naturally intense coloring and proper growth.
Nourishing, quick sinking granules for marine fish from 3 to 10 cm.
Specially granulated spirulina added, especially for doctor fish and rabbit fish.
Enhanced with optimally balanced vitamins and... -->continue

NANO Frag Tank

High-quality glass tank for coral breeding. Frag Deck in Acryl transparent for 219 Pins; can be removed if you have larger corals.
Includes compartment for the technical equipment with a ridge and bore hole for the current. The perfect breeder tank for hobby breeders and specialist pet stores.

NANO Frag Tank 200, 89l
65cm width x 55cm depth x 25cm height -->continue

Preis EASY-GLUE Bond

Quick-setting reef and coral mortar, especially designed for aquascaping in saltwater tanks.
Easy bonding for decorations like pillars, caves or plateaus and any arrangements of rock forms.
Mixing-ratio (for moist reef rock) 1:3.

Preis EASY-GLUE Bond is perfectly suited for bonding dry rock outside the tank.
A use under water is also possible, but please note that in a pre-stocked aquarium only small quantities of rock should be...continue -->


Ricordea-Farm Volume 2

For many years, Ricordea-Farm has been your supplier for the most beautiful Ricordea florida in Europe.
On the occasion of the 5 year anniversary of our company, within the Preis-Aquaristik headquarter, we are glad to introduce an outstanding new product line.
The new range of products comprises a variety of fish food, coral food, handy filter media, water care products and premium sea salt.
Modern and efficient products of top-quality have emerged from the additional know-how and several years’ experience of the work at our farm.
And the best part - at a fair and attractive price.
All the relevant product information can be found on our new homepage
You are a specialist retailer and interested in the new range of products?
Send an email to and we will gladly send you our dealer conditions.

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