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Preis -Easy-Glue universal

Preis -Easy-Glue universal

Universal, thermal, kneadable glue for fresh and salt water aquariums.

This granulate has special characteristics; it has a very low melting point and can be melted in hot water into a soft, kneadable form. The dough remains workable for 1-2 minutes, and only regains its hard form after it has completely cooled down. Preis-Easy-Glue Universal can be used without hesitation in fresh and salt water aquariums.

For example, one can connect pipes, roots, or reef rocks together. It is possible to form anything with this glue. Furthermore, it can also be used for repairs pertaining to the aquarium. Likewise, it is also ideal for fixing stone coral offshoots.

Usage: Ideally, the granulate should be heated in 60° C water. Alternatively, it can also be heated with a blow dryer. Use a fork to take the warm mass out of the water and start using it. Once it cools down the dough-like mass becomes hard very quickly. Any rests can be returned into the 60° C hot water and reused.

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