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Preis EASY-GLUE Bond

Preis EASY-GLUE Bond

Quick-setting reef and coral mortar, especially designed for aquascaping in saltwater tanks.
Easy bonding for decorations like pillars, caves or plateaus and any arrangements of rock forms.
Mixing-ratio (for moist reef rock) 1:3.

Preis EASY-GLUE Bond is perfectly suited for bonding dry rock outside the tank.
A use under water is also possible, but please note that in a pre-stocked aquarium only small quantities of rock should be processed at once, due to a temporary increase of the pH value.

Preis EASY-GLUE Bond is quick-setting and safe for all marine dwellers in your aquarium.
Preis EASY-GLUE Bond is also well suited to propagate coral frags.

We offer 5 kg buckets for wholesale distributers on request.

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