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A modern and individual design with a special note. These are the keywords that will best describe this product. Let the aquarium fit in to your ambience, your lifestyle and your mood.

The Aquariummove series is a little revolution in aquatics!
It needs very little space. It is innovative and individual. You will find it hard not to sell it!
No room for an aquarium? Don’t worry! Just take a picture off the wall and swap it for an Aquariummove.
With its unique design it will change the room instantly and give it a new look.
The exchangeable fronts will make it easy to match the surrounding area.

Enjoy the fascinating ease, simple fitting
and total flexibility. The foldable top and
bottom gives you room for your equipment
and accessories.
A futuristic feast for the eyes and an addition to your living quarters. Wether in
a modern room or in retro - lounges. The Aquariummove sets a special and stylish note.
Want a different look? No problem!
You can change the fronts in seconds.
Dimensions:83,5x25,5x70 cm /
93,5x25,5x70 cm /103,5x25,5x70 cm
Handmade down to the very detail:
All wall mounted aquariums come with a safety lock.
Especially in rooms like, bars, restaurants, offices,
playschools, halls and waiting rooms it is essential that your biotope is safe.
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