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Food Supplement for all Ornamental Fish in Fresh- and Seawater Aquariums, Corals and most other Invertebrates.

High-quality color enhancing rearing food with natural astaxanthene for a radiant and intense color development.
Due to its ingredients, RED-BREEZE® is particularly suitable for the holding and reproduction of fishes and corals.
Red-Breeze is of outstanding nutritional value with a well balanced fatty acid profile that guarantees easier and better digestibility, especially for young fish to thrive.
It is known that this extremely nutritious and well balanced food reduced the risk of malformations in commercial aquaculture.
RED-BREEZE® is also a perfect nutrition for LPS corals and other azooxanthellate corals.


Feeding recommendations:

Direct feeding and color improvement:

Mix 10-15 % of the total daily feed ration with dry food (flakes, granules) or thawed frozen food. For best results in permanent color improvement a similar quantity can be fed daily.
Pour RED-BREEZE® directly onto the water surface in the aquarium, so it can be consumed by fish larvae and other small types of fish.
Home-made food can also be mixed like listed in the instructions above.
For a faster and healthier growth the percentage can be raised up to 50% of the total daily food ration.
RED-BREEZE is frost-resistant and suitable to boost the nutritional quality of any frozen food.

Water dosage for corals and invertebrates:
In a well stocked reef aquarium we recommend to add 2g to 400l water, 2- 3x per week (2g = 1 teaspoon).


If there is a strong current, RED-BREEZE® can be added to the aquarium immediately in front of the pump.

Prepare a paste with salt water and 1 measuring spoon of RED-BREEZE®; feed certain corals directly or pour the pasty liquid slowly into the aquarium.

Protein 53%
Fat 13%
Crude fiber 0, 7%
Ash 8, 8%
Phosphorus 1, 6%

Astaxanthene 90mg/kg
Vitamins A, D3, E, C
Grain size: 0, 2mm-0,3mm
After opening, keep closed bag in a dry place.

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