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Cornelia Preis - Company owner

Preis Aquaristik –

A name that has become integral to the world of aquarium keeping.

Klaus Georg Preis founded the company in 1967 with 4 products for the pre­par­a­tion of water, products which are all still best­sellers today.

At the time, Klaus Georg Preis also used to procure cro­codiles and other exotic animals for zoos. It was from this begin­ning that the cro­codile became the the company trade­mark, even­tu­ally acquir­ing a world­wide repu­ta­tion. The cro­codile will continue to grace the extens­ive Preis-Aquar­istik product range in memory of Klaus Georg Preis who died in 1991. Since then, the company has been run very effect­ively by Cornelia Preis.

Ever since, Preis-Aquar­istik has stood for top quality thanks to very prac­tic­al devel­op­ment and research. 1985 saw the break­through with the intro­duc­tion of Preis Sea Salt. Thanks to constant further devel­op­ment, this has since become one of the com­pany’s best­selling products. Count­less zoos, aquar­i­ums open to the public, breeders and dis­cern­ing aquarium enthu­si­asts across the world know the benefits of Preis Sea Salt `Made in Germany`.

Over time, Cornelia Preis developed around 20 products and invested in extens­ive building projects to extend the ware­house and pro­duc­tion facil­it­ies. In 1993, she also built a marine aquarium for aquarium enthu­si­asts and zoo whole­salers. Products are still developed and tested there today.

In 2003, her daughter Sandra Preis joined the family company.

Her fas­cin­a­tion with the marine aquarium world saw her take over the running of the aquarium within a very short time. She has also added fresh impetus to the depart­ment of Product Devel­op­ment and Mar­ket­ing.

In 2009, Sandra Preis wrote her first book for begin­ners: `Meer­wasser Nano-Fibel` (“Nano Marine Primer”).

Mother and daughter, who com­ple­ment each other excel­lently within their middle-sized family company, attach huge priority to top quality products and first class service.

In 2010, Cornelia and Sandra Preis decided to branch out in a com­pletely new dir­ec­tion. Fas­cin­ated by the world of marine aquar­i­ums, they decided to expand by buying over the company Ricordea-Farm from Düs­sel­dorf. Preis- Aquar­istik changed its name to Preis-Aquar­istik KG and daughter Sandra became a share­hold­er. Building is cur­rently in progress in a move to integ­rate the Farm into the local premises. Ricordea-Farm is sched­uled for com­ple­tion by the end of 2010 when it will be open to zoo whole­salers through­out the world.

This will create the perfect alliance, allowing cus­tom­ers to get both first-class products and unusual corals from one and the same company.

2015 was a very special year. In honor of the 5 year anniversary. Ricordea Farm launched its own product line.

We are extremely proud about the birth of our daughter and grand-daughter Anna-Nela.

Sandra Preis - Daughter and Company co-owner
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