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Preis Easy Fluid Glue

Preis Easy Fluid Glue



Preis Easy Fluid Glue
Preis Easy Fluid Glue. Dick­flüssiger Kor­al­len­kle­ber. Ideal geeignet zum Befest­i­gen von Weich-/Leder­kor­al­len und Krusten­anemon­en.

Easy Fluid Glue coral adhesive is a must for coral breeders and salt water aquarium spe­cial­ists.

Easy Fluid Glue is very easy to use: simply moisten the bottom or cut surface of the coral cutting with Easy Fluid Glue. Then press the coral gently onto a coral/sub­strate stone. Place the coral cutting for about 5 mins in a bowl filled with aquarium water to allow it to har- den. Then use it to decorate your aquarium as desired.

Freshly cut pieces of coral should be dis­in­fec­ted with Preis iodine before gluing.

After using Easy Fluid Glue, ensure that the tip is clean before repla­cing the blue cap.

Keep out of the reach of children!

Art. No. 295

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