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Preis Easy Glue® Underwater

Preis Easy Glue® Under­wa­ter


Seawater & Freshwater

Preis Easy Glue Underwater
PREIS-EASY GLUE Under­wa­ter, iIdeal for gluing corals both above and below water.

PREIS-EASY GLUE Under­wa­ter is suitable for gluing all types of coral to frag­stones or directly to a reef. The adhesive can also be applied under­wa­ter.

PREIS-EASY GLUE Under­wa­ter can also be used to glue plastic, ceramic, stone and dec­or­at­ive mater­i­als.

Coral glue gel for above and below water.

Freshly cut pieces of coral should be dis­in­fec­ted with Preis iodine before gluing.

After using Preis-Easy Glue Under­wa­ter, ensure that the tip is clean before repla­cing the cap.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Now in fresh water suitable for gluing of mosses, plants and roots. For secure fixing of bro­me­li­ads and tilland­sia.

Box now with fresh­wa­ter and seawater label.

Art. No. 338

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