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Preis Carely
Preis Carely is the ideal care product for all orna­ment­al fish, espe­cially Discus, Malawi-Tan­ga­nyika perch, new fish to the aquarium and imports.

Cleans the gills and intest­in­al tract intens­ively. With its com­bin­a­tion of active sub­stances, this product guar­an­tees the ideal care for your fish. Preis Carely contains only natural sub­stances and there­fore will not harm aquatic plants, corals or inver­teb­rates.

Specific cleaning with Preis Carely is essen­tial for many fresh­wa­ter and seawater breeds. We recom­mend adding the fol­low­ing doses to the water to clean the gills and help the fish breathe calmly:

Days 1 and 2:
15ml to 100l aquarium water

Repeat Days 8 and 9:
15ml to 100l aquarium water

In order to ensure effect­ive intest­in­al flora, we recom­mend adding this product to the feed:
Add 10ml of Preis Carely to about

1 table­spoon­ful of feed twice daily, allow to absorb then feed to the fish. Repeat this dose on 3 conse- cutive days. In order to stim­u­late their appetite and give the fish the vitamins they need, you should also add Fish-V-Power to the feed.

For newly imported fish or sens­it­ive breeds, we recom­mend com­bin­ing admin­is­tra­tion with the water and feed.

When using this product, you should remove filter media such as activ­ated carbons, ion exchangers and zeolites from the filter.

Protein skimmers, UV devices and normal bio­lo­gic­al and mech­an­ic­al filters can still be used as always.

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