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Immun­iz­a­tion tonic for better accli­mat­iz­a­tion of newly acquired fish and imports for fresh-water and seawater.

PREIS-IMMUN-TONIC S for fresh-water and PREIS-IMMUN-TONIC M for seawater are break­through products which are of great use to aquarium owners and import­ers when accli­mat­iz­ing new fish.

Due to the ease of use of PREIS IMMUN-TONIC, you can prepare a quar­ant­ine bath for new acquis­i­tions before accom­mod­at­ing them in your aquarium. This accli­mat­iz­a­tion bath con­sist­ing of trans­port water, aquarium water and PREIS- IMMUN-TONIC helps reduce stress hormones, protects the mucuous mem­branes, dis­in­fects bites and trans­port lesions and kills para­sites.

PREIS-IMMUN-TONIC is avail­able in con­veni­ent single-dose packs for aquarium owners and in can­is­ters for com­mer­cial use.

Preis-Immun-Tonic S
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Preis-Immun-Tonic M
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