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Preis Neospot Marin

Preis Neospot Marin



Neospot Marin
Sens­it­ive cor­alfish often tend to develop skin irrit­a­tion on the mucosa, fins and gills. Most react sens­it­ively when they are moved from one aquarium to another, and when they are first bought or imported.

Neospot Marin allows you to care for and clean these par­tic­u­lar parts, even in the case of coral inver­teb­rates ocial­iz­a­tion.

Right from the initial stages, the animals show chafing, become restless and withdraw to the darker areas of the aquarium.

This is when you should add Neospot Marin in order to help your cor­alfish regain a normal skin as quickly as possible.

Neospot Marin is safe for inver­teb­rates, corals and nitri­fy­ing bacteria. When using this product, lower the salt content very gradu­ally to 1.018 - 1.020 and reduce the lighting drastic­ally (T5 white and HQI). At the same time, switch on UV-devices and leave protein skimmers running; ozone must be switched off. Please remove all adsorb­ent filter mater­i­als such as activ­ated carbons, ion exchangers, zeolites, sul­phurni­trate filters and deni­tri­fy­ing filters from the filter circuit. There is no need to change the water after adding Neospot Marin.

When using this product, we also recom­mend feeding with Fish-V- Power to strengthen the fish and boost their immune defence.

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