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Coral-Nightlife Pulver
Coral-Night­life is a great coral food for noc­turn­al corals and filter feeders.

In the usually, very nutrient-poor aquarium envir­on­ment, it is import­ant that the corals are supplied with the neces­sary energy source. Micro­fauna and zooplank­ton as altern­at­ive nutri­tion are often missing in modern reef aquar­i­ums. With the feeding of Coral-Night­life your corals are optim­ally supplied. Here it is import­ant that the feeding occurs in the evening, i.e. 1-2 hours before the lights are switched off and the current is slightly reduced. Particles still existent in the water column of the aquarium even after the lights have been switched off. The basic ingredi­ent of Coral-Night­life is plankton and thus promotes the devel­op­ment of natural zooplank­ton in the aquarium, which has a very positive long-term effect on the nutri­tion and longev­ity of stone corals.  

For a well-stocked 400L coral aquarium, one meas­ur­ing spoon 2-3 times a week should be used. Coral-Night­life should be used 2-3 times a week.

1-2 hours before switch­ing off the lighting.  Mix Coral Night­life with aquarium water and add to the aquarium. Ideally, you should slightly reduce the water flow.

We also recom­mend feeding corals and filter feeders directly with a pipette.

For example: Micro­mussa, Trachy­phyl­lia, Scolymia, Fungia, Tubastrea, gor­go­ni­ans, tube anemones

Can also be optim­ally combined with Coral-V-Power or Coral-Ener­gizer.

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