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Preis Microplan

Preis Micro­plan


Seawater & Freshwater

Preis Microplan

All-purpose nutrient solution for raising plankton cultures, artemia salina, inver­teb­rates, seawater and fresh­wa­ter fish.

PREIS-MICROPLAN, the starter feed for the raising of (ovi­par­ous) fresh­wa­ter fish and the high-quality feed for all inver­teb­rates, contains all nutri­ents and essen­tial sub­stances required for optimal growth.

Corals need PREIS-MICROPLAN with all amino acids and vital sub­stances 1-2 x per week.

Become a suc­cess­ful breeder of live plankton, artemia salina, and Japanese water­fleas.

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