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Food Sup­ple­ment for all Orna­ment­al Fish in Fresh- and Seawater Aquar­i­ums, Corals and most other Inver­teb­rates.

High-quality color enhan­cing rearing food with natural astax­an­thene for a radiant and intense color devel­op­ment.

Due to its ingredi­ents, RED-BREEZE® is par­tic­u­larly suitable for the holding and repro­duc­tion of fishes and corals.

Red-Breeze is of out­stand­ing nutri­tion­al value with a well balanced fatty acid profile that guar­an­tees easier and better digest­ib­il­ity, espe­cially for young fish to thrive. It is known that this extremely nutri­tious and well balanced food reduced the risk of mal­form­a­tions in com­mer­cial aquacul­ture.

RED-BREEZE® is also a perfect nutri­tion for LPS corals and other azoox­an­thel­late corals.

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