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Alpha Marin

Alpha Marin



Alpha Marin
ALPHA MARIN, a bio­chem­ic­al fil­ter­ing material, will maintain a balance of calcium and carbonic acid in your aquarium.

ALPHA MARIN consists of various calcium com­pounds which are exposed to extremely high tem­per­at­ures and thus activ­ated.

ALPHA MARIN will maintain a constant pH and will not let the pH increase beyond 8.3 (not even with HQI illu­min­a­tion). Car­bon­ate hardness grading will adjust to a level found in all tropical seas of the world (7-8).

ALPHA MARIN will lead to better and lux­uri­ant growth of inver­teb­rates. Due to a stable pH and a perfect balance of calcium and carbonic acid ensured by ALPHA MARIN, sens­it­ive fish will not develop caustic lesions of their mucous mem­branes leading to para­sit­ic diseases.

ALPHA MARIN can be used as floor material or as bio­chem­ic­al filter material. For floor material we recom­mend a bottom layer of Marin Filt covered by a layer of ALPHA MARIN.

ALPHA MARIN is also perfect for use in calcium reactors, ensuring increased calcium delivery. We recom­mend the 6 mm grain. The product can also be applied in order to raise the pH in Malawi and Tan­ga­nyika aquar­i­ums. This makes the addition of salt super­flu­ous and easily prevents any excess in the con­duct­iv­ity.

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