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Bioporon for fresh and salt water.

BlOPORON bio­lo­gic­ally active tricklemedi­um for all trickle­fil­ter systems and bio-filter. BIOPORON trickle­media are extremely light and porous filter balls with a large surface.

Ø 12–15 mm

The rel­at­ively smooth struc­ture of the surface prevents sludge accu­mu­la­tion.

There­fore a long service life is guar­an­teed. Besides, the freely floating plankton will not be damaged in the water. In order to be bio­lo­gic­ally effect­ive, newly installed trickle­fil­ter or biofil­ter need approx. 14 days.

The trickle or biofil­ters will only become fully effect­ive after 2-3 months of use.

The running-in time for the filter can be con­sid­er­ably shortened if BAKTOPLAN FRESH or BAKTO- PLAN MARIN is used.

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