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Bora Bora Sand

Bora Bora Sand



Bora Bora Sand
is an extremely fine white sub­strate of calcium and mag­nesi­um com­pounds that is ideal for sea water aquaria.

We recom­mend a depth of 2 - 3 cm. At this depth and with an adequate flow of water, detritus can be expelled and nitrate deposits are avoided in the aquarium sub­strate. 

It is also ideal for mixing for DSB filter systems. In this case, the sub­strate should have a depth of 8 to 20 cm. Bora Bora sand is composed of an extremely pure mineral sub­stance that does not pre­cip­it­ate nitrates, phos­phate or silicate. Bora Bora sand has a very high proporti- on of calcium and mag­nesi­um and enriches the water with car­bon­ate hardness. After oper­at­ing the aqua- rium for about one year you should refill with 10% Bora Bora sand. This is approx­im­ately the quantity which dis­solves to form calcium, mag­nesi­um and car­bon­ate hardness. 

Molluscs like tube anemones and other anemones, tube­worms, feather corals and wrasses have the habit of burying them­selves in this fine Bora Bora sand. 

Gudgeons can chew up this sand very well and make grottos for them­selves. Bora Bora sand cor­res­ponds to the natural sur­round­ings in coral reefs and hence helps to make a well- func­tion­ing biotope

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