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Dark Caribic Sand

Dark Caribic Sand



Dark Caribic Sand
Fine dark sub­strate of calcium/mag­nesi­um com­pounds that is ideal for sea water aquar­i­ums.

The dark beaches of northern Marti­nique are espe­cially mystical and fas­cin­at­ing.  Thanks to the dark sand, the colors of the corals and fish become even more bril­liant to the eye.   Vibrant colors are more fluor­es­cent and ter­ri­fy­ing gobies or wrasse feel more con­fort­able here than in the typical bright, white sand. We recom­mend a depth of 2-3 cm for aquar­i­ums.

Dark Caribic Sand is a pure rock material with a high per­cent­age of calcium and mag­nesi­um.

After ca. 1 year, one should refill the aquarium with addi­tion­al 10% Dark Caribic Sand  as this is the amount that dis­solves. Inver­teb­rates, like anemones, feather duster worms, sand snails, digging starfish, and wrasse like to bury them­selves in this fine, Dark Caribic Sand. Gobies and pistol shrimp can chew through this sand easily and dig caves.

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