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Jungle Sugar Sand

Jungle Sugar Sand



Jungle Sugar Sand
Jungle Sugar Sand® is a very fine, white sub­strate for fresh­wa­ter aquar­i­ums with a spe­cific­ally developed start-up bac­teri­al culture; the bacteria are packed sep­ar­ately in a bag inside a tin.

As these start-up bacteria are dry, they are not sus­cept­ible to environ- mental impact, such as fluc­tu­ations in tem­per­at­ure or excess­ively long storage, as would be the case with liquid products. Start-up bacteria reduce the seeding phase and bio- logical mat­ur­a­tion begins at once. The bacteria break down specific organic waste in the sub­strate and settle around the roots of the plants, encour­aging the roots to absorb nutri­ents. The bac­teri­al strains are supplied on a bio­lo­gic­al, mineral carrier sub­strate in opaque pack­aging.

Jungle Sugar Sand® is hardness-free, has a neutral PH, is Co² stable and has rounded grains. The sand is par­tic­u­larly suitable for Cichlids; these fish hunt through the sand for food and lay their spawn here. The colours of angelfish (Discus) and other fresh­wa­ter fish are enhanced through the contrast with the white sand. Jungle Sugar Sand is also ideal for social­iz­a­tion of catfish, fresh­wa­ter stin­grays and prawns.

The amount of bac­teri­al sub­strate in the pack is suf­fi­cient for the sub­strate supplied.

Start-up-bacteria are supplied with the 8kg and 25kg packs.

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