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Preis Algan Granulat

Preis Algan Granulat



Preis Algan Granulat
An invasion of algae in a fresh­wa­ter aquarium is not only unsightly, but it also sub­sequently harms the aquatic plants.

An excess­ive pro­lif­er­a­tion of algae is mainly caused by an overflow of pol­lut­ants such as nitrate, phos­phate and the dis­solved organic com­pounds deriving from the fish and the plants. These sub­stances act as a fer­til­izer and become nutri­ents for the algae of all kinds. By using PREIS-ALGAN-GRANULATES, you elim­in­ate these nutri­ents and pol­lut­ants from the water and bind them in the filter material. This is also why the latter can be used as a fer­til­izer for your plants inside as well as outside. The mineral trace elements that are neces­sary for your aquatic plants are on the other hand safe-guarded.

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