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Preis Kohle®

Preis Kohle®


Seawater & Freshwater

Preis Kohle®
Carbon for easy adsorp­tion fil­ter­ing of any seawater and fresh­wa­ter aquar­i­ums.

PREIS KOHLE® is small and cylinder- shaped and free of all toxic residues. Active sub­stances and useless debris are sep­ar­ated during a special process, thus yielding a product with a 100% active surface. PREIS KOHLE® can be used safely by all aquarium owners due to its abso­lutely neutral pH value.

The use of PREIS KOHLE® should be however sus­pen­ded when applying thera­peut­ics and rein­tro­duced only after treat­ment in order to detox­ic­ate the  the water.The fol­low­ing ana­lyt­ic­al data show the unmatched effi­ciency of PREIS KOHLE®:

1. 10 g of PREIS KOHLE® adsorb 7 g of  organic acid and its salts

(test sub­stance: sodium acetate).

2. 10 g of PREIS KOHLE® adsorb 8 g of  dye (test sub­stance: methyl­ene blue).

3. 10 g of PREIS KOHLE® adsorb 5.8 g of protein (test sub­stance: egg albumen).

4. 10 g of PREIS KOHLE® were auto­claved at 180° C for 2 hours in

1l of bid­istilled water and sub­sequently aspir­ated through a membrane filter. The water was evap­or­ated and the residues heated to 900° C in a platinum crucible. The process yielded a residue of 0,01 mg per 10 g of PREIS KOHLE®.

The first recorded raising of the shrimp species “Palaemon elegans” in our facil- ities in February 1976 provides evidence that PREIS KOHLE® is indis­pens­able for the setting up of an arti­fi­cial eco­lo­gic­al system.

This suc­cess­ful exper­i­ment shows also that phyto­plank­ton (one-celled plants) and zooplank­ton (animal plankton), which are neces­sary for the raising of shrimp larvae, thrive in water filtered with PREIS KOHLE®.

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