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Preis Lavaplan®

Preis Lava­plan®


Seawater & Freshwater

Preis Lavaplan
Long-lasting filter material for fresh and seawater aquar­i­ums. Biolo­gic­al filter and ideal nutri­tious flooring for aquatic plants.

PREIS LAVAPLAN® is excep­tion­ally appro­pri­ate for long-life bio­lo­gic­al filters due to its porous surface struc- ture. Con­ven­tion­al filter mater­i­als such as gravel or basalt have a higher specific weight and can only be used as bio­lo­gic­al filters under par­ticuli­ar con­di­tions. With its low mass, its high purity and its neutral pH, PREIS LAVAPLAN®, on the contrary, is a valuable asset to all aquar­i­ums.

The dif­fer­ent grain sizes of PREIS LAVAPLAN®  allow for effi­cient water flow which is indis­pens­able for optimal bac­teri­al col­on­isa­tion. Due to the loose­ness and light weight of this gravel material, fresh­wa­ter plants can fully develop their roots, thus enabling them to produce more beau­ti­ful and stronger foliage. At the same time, the absorp­tion of nutri­ents by the roots is facil­it­ated.

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