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Riogran / Riofilt

Riogran / Riofilt



Preis Riogran / Riofilt
RIOGRAN with trace elements and iron.RIOFILT with trace elements and iron.

RIOGRAN is a new, lime-free gravel and nutrient sub­strate that assures healthy tropical fresh­wa­ter plants. Recent research con­cern­ing fresh- water fish and aquatic plants has shown that quartz and cal­ci­fer­ous gravel quickly remove valuable trace elements, includ­ing iron, from the water thus hinder­ing the growth of aquatic plants. RIOGRAN gravel flooring for fresh­wa­ter aquar­i­ums auto­mat­ic­ally com­ple­ments vital trace elements and iron over a long period of time. RIOGRAN gravel flooring – a way to ensure mag­ni­fi­cent veget­a­tion in fresh­wa­ter aquar­i­ums.

RIOFILT is espe­cially appro­pri­ate for bio­lo­gic­al fil­ter­ing with mul­ticham- ber, suction and ground filters.
RIOFILT is man­u­fac­tured from the same valuable sub­stances as RIOGRAN but to a coarser 5 – 10 mm calibre.

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