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Preis-Bristle Worm Trap/Planaria Fall

Preis-Bristle Worm Trap/Planaria Fall


Seawater & Freshwater

Preis-Bristle Worm Trap Preis-Planaria Fall
In order to catch bristle worms or pred­at­ory planari­ans in fresh water,...
  • Place some food in the middle of the con­tain­er.
  • Fill the con­tain­er with water from your aquarium and place the con­tain­er at the bottom with the holes facing down.
  • Install the trap at night as these are noc­turn­al creatures: active at night.
  • Empty the trap ever day and rinse well with water This trap is espe­cially suitable for small aquar­i­ums where one does not want to deploy natural enemies to fight these pests.

Art. No. 400

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