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Baktoplan Fresh | Baktoplan Marin | Baktoplan Pond
Bak­to­plan is a new kind of product that contains a larger number of special bacteria that lodge them­selves spe­cific­ally in the filter or on surfaces in aquar­i­ums or ponds, for example on plants, the bottom and stones.

These special bacteria of various strains such as Pseudo­mo­nas, Xanthomo­nas, Arthrobac­ter, Bacillus licheni, Aormis and Micro­coc­cus ensure that a bio­lo­gic­al lawn culture imme­di­ately grows, provid­ing a stable bio­lo­gic­al struc­ture for the filter.

A frequent problem in isolated water systems (closed eco­sys­tems) such as aquar­i­ums and ponds is removing sub­stances that are toxic to fish such as ammonium and nitrite, and at high pH values, ammonia. This problem occurs not only in newly estab­lished systems, but also after a major water change, after the filter has been cleaned, after the use of medi­cines, and when a large number of organic organ­isms, for example of a coral, die. Also in case of over­crowding, over- loaded filters and too high water tem­per­at­ure in ponds.

That is why Bak­to­plan should be used in all these cir­cum­stances  in order to estab­lish a bio­lo­gic­al equi­lib­ri­um. Nitro­sono­mas and nitrobac­ter strains ensure that ammonium/ammonia are rapidly and reliably con­ver­ted to nitrate, which is not pois­on­ous to fish. Har­mon­iz­a­tion of the various meta­bol­ic pro­cesses means that, when Bak­to­plan is added properly and reg­u­larly, nitrite is as a rule no longer detect­able as an inter­me­di­ate in the water.

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(Fresh Nano)
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