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Calcium- | KH- | Magnesium-Fluid

Calcium- | KH- | Mag­nesi­um-Fluid



Calcium Fluid | KH-Fluid | Magnesium Fluid
Calcium Fluid, KH-Fluid, Mag­nesi­um Fluid is a very effect­ive and simple way to add Calcium, Mag­nesi­um and Car­bon­ate hardness to your aquarium.

The liquid stock solution based on the Hans Werner Balling method makes mixing, weighing and the pre­par­a­tion of single com­pon­ents obsolete. The can­is­ters are ready and can be added manually as well as with the help of a dosing system.

The demand is cal­cu­lated by simply using the dosing program www.aqua­c­al­cu­lat­or.com

Mag­nesi­um Fluid cor­rel­ates to 2% stock solution. The KH Fluid is also suited to raise the car­bon­ate in fresh water 50 ml/100 l equal 1 KH Calcium Fluid 50 ml/100 l yields 10 mg rise. An increase of more than 20 mg / day should be avoided.

Calcium and KH are used up faster than Mag­nesi­um in aquar­i­ums. There­fore, depend­ing on the output value, the dosage depends on the fre­quency of the water change and con­sump­tion, and can be anywhere between daily and two times a week. All solu­tions should be used at dif­fer­ent inter­vals or at dif­fer­ent loc­a­tions in the aquarium.

A good Mag­nesi­um level also sta­bil­izes the Calcium level. If both values are too low, then both must be raised. Mag­nesi­um prevents the depos­ition (sediment) of Calcium and thus it remains avail­able in the water.

Target value in salt water:

  • KH: 7-8
  • Calcium: 420-450mg
  • Mag­nesi­um: 1320-1350 mg

Calcium FluidKH-FluidMag­nesi­um Fluid
Art.Nr. 388Art.Nr. 387Art.Nr. 386

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