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For a fast bio­lo­gic­al equi­lib­ri­um plus minerals, espe­cially for Discus.

Discus Water Fit helps to create a faster bio­lo­gic­al equi­lib­ri­um in your water. Its usage is ideal when changing water or for new install­a­tions. Discus Water Fit neut­ral­izes aggress­ive mater­i­als and enriches your water with fishap­pro­pri­ate bacteria.

At the same time it supplies your aquarium water with neces­sary minerals and trace elements. Your Discus fish feel better sooner and can display their rich coloring quicker.

Discus Water Fit has proven itself espe­cially during breeding, as its minerals helps prevent dis­fig­ur­a­tion and fungal infec­tions during spawning.

Discus fish are also less sus­cept­ible to sick­nesses that are due to lack of minerals, such as the wide-spread Hole in the Head disease.

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