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Preis Magnesium-Iodine concentrate

Preis Mag­nesi­um-Iodine con­cen­trate



Preis Magnesium-Iodine concentrate
Mag­nesi­um is the second-largest com­pon­ent of sea-salt (after sodium chloride).

The mag­nesi­um content of natural salt­water is about 1350 mg /l, which is con­sid­er­ably higher than the calcium content 450 mg / l.

In aquar­i­ums with an insuf­fi­cient mag­nesi­um con­cen­tra­tion, calcium will be depleted much more quickly than calcium car­bon­ate.

Poor growth of cal­ci­fer­ous algae, gorgonia and stone coral is a sure sign of an unbal­anced mag­nesi­um- calcium ratio. Espe­cially in the treat­ment of osmosis water, many aquarium owners use only calcium pre­par­a­tions to raise the hardness. In order to ensure a safe balance

between calcium and mag­nesi­um as well as an ideal calcium supply, we recom­mend using MINERAL KOMPLEX S once weekly. For an optimal mag­nesi­um supply, use PREIS MAGNESIUM-IODINE CON- CENTRATE twice weekly.

In addition to mag­nesi­um, PREIS MAGNESIUM IODINE CONCEN- TRATE contains iodine which is a vital trace-element. The iodine con­cen­tra­tion of natural seawater is about 0.06 mg / l. Iodine tends to become depleted very quickly, and deple­tion is furthered by heavy scumming and strong illu­min­a­tion. Iodine must there­fore be reg­u­larly replaced, since inver­teb­rates and coral will grow poorly if suf­fer­ing from iodine defi­ciency.

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