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Preis Minerals

Preis Minerals



Preis-Minerals restores the balance in the case of mineral defi­ciency in your aquarium water, sup­ply­ing your inver­teb­rates with the neces­sary minerals.
  • Enhances the devel­op­ment of the exo­skel­et­on in fresh­wa­ter shrimps and crabs and allows them to shed their shells readily
  • Promotes colour devel­op­ment and boosts the immune system in inver­teb­rates
  • Min­er­al­izes your aquarium water and raises the KH/GH if added reg­u­larly
  • Helps snails develop an intact shell


Add half a meas­ur­ing spoon to 10l aquarium water before the outlet of your dynamic pump 1-2 times a week or after changing the water.
The powder spreads through the aquarium and dis­solves slowly, falling to the bottom where it is actively absorbed by the animals.
Tem­por­ary clouding of the water is normal.

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