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Preis Strontium

Preis Stron­tium



Preis Stron­tium eines der wichtig­sten Spurenele­mente für Riffaquar­ien.
Preis Strontium
Apart from calcium and mag­nesium, stron­tium is one of the most import­ant trace elements in salt water. It is par­tic­u­larly essen­tial for effect­ive care of stone corals (SPS) and shells (Tridacna).

Stron­tium pre­cip­it­ates after 12-15 hours in the aquarium; this is accel­er­ated by the use of adsorbers, ozone, or skimmers.

This can rapidly lead to defi­cien­cies in stone corals. If added reg­u­larly, Preis-Stron­tium promotes the growth of reef-forming corals, while intensi­fy­ing their colours.

1 drop to every 100l daily

The dose may be increased slightly for densely pop­u­lated stone coral aquar­i­ums.

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