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Alpha Marin

Alpha Marin


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Alpha Marin
ALPHA MARIN, a biochemical filtering material, will maintain a balance of calcium and carbonic acid in your aquarium.

ALPHA MARIN consists of various calcium compounds which are exposed to extremely high temperatures and thus activated.

ALPHA MARIN will maintain a constant pH and will not let the pH increase beyond 8.3 (not even with HQI illumination). Carbonate hardness grading will adjust to a level found in all tropical seas of the world (7-8).

ALPHA MARIN will lead to better and luxuriant growth of invertebrates. Due to a stable pH and a perfect balance of calcium and carbonic acid ensured by ALPHA MARIN, sensitive fish will not develop caustic lesions of their mucous membranes leading to parasitic diseases.

ALPHA MARIN can be used as floor material or as biochemical filter material. For floor material we recommend a bottom layer of Marin Filt covered by a layer of ALPHA MARIN.

ALPHA MARIN is also perfect for use in calcium reactors, ensuring increased calcium delivery. We recommend the 6 mm grain. The product can also be applied in order to raise the pH in Malawi and Tanganyika aquariums. This makes the addition of salt superfluous and easily prevents any excess in the conductivity.

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