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Dark Caribic Sand

Dark Caribic Sand


Agua de mar

Dark Caribic Sand
Fine dark substrate of calcium/magnesium compounds that is ideal for sea water aquariums.

The dark beaches of northern Martinique are especially mystical and fascinating.  Thanks to the dark sand, the colors of the corals and fish become even more brilliant to the eye.   Vibrant colors are more fluorescent and terrifying gobies or wrasse feel more confortable here than in the typical bright, white sand. We recommend a depth of 2-3 cm for aquariums.

Dark Caribic Sand is a pure rock material with a high percentage of calcium and magnesium.

After ca. 1 year, one should refill the aquarium with additional 10% Dark Caribic Sand  as this is the amount that dissolves. Invertebrates, like anemones, feather duster worms, sand snails, digging starfish, and wrasse like to bury themselves in this fine, Dark Caribic Sand. Gobies and pistol shrimp can chew through this sand easily and dig caves.

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