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Baktoplan Fresh | Marin | Pond

Baktoplan Fresh | Marin | Pond


Agua de mar & Agua dulce

Baktoplan Fresh | Baktoplan Marin | Baktoplan Pond
Cultivo de bacterias para inocular acuarios nuevos de agua dulce y mantener una saludable flora bacteriana tras un cambio de agua, un tratamiento con medicinas o un exceso de estrès.

These special bacteria of various strains such as Pseudomonas, Xanthomonas, Arthrobacter, Bacillus licheni, Aormis and Micrococcus ensure that a biological lawn culture immediately grows, providing a stable biological structure for the filter.

A frequent problem in isolated water systems (closed ecosystems) such as aquariums and ponds is removing substances that are toxic to fish such as ammonium and nitrite, and at high pH values, ammonia. This problem occurs not only in newly established systems, but also after a major water change, after the filter has been cleaned, after the use of medicines, and when a large number of organic organisms, for example of a coral, die. Also in case of overcrowding, overloaded filters and too high water temperature in ponds.

That is why Baktoplan should be used in all these circumstances  in order to establish a biological equilibrium. Nitrosonomas and nitrobacter strains ensure that ammonium/ammonia are rapidly and reliably converted to nitrate, which is not poisonous to fish. Harmonization of the various metabolic processes means that, when Baktoplan is added properly and regularly, nitrite is as a rule no longer detectable as an intermediate in the water.

Art.Nr. 298
(Fresh Nano)
Art.Nr. 242
Art.Nr. 276 (Marin Nano)Art.Nr. 243 (Marin)Art.Nr. 246 (Pond)Art.Nr. 244 (Pond)

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