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Mineral-Komplex S

Mineral-Komplex S


Agua de mar

For sensitive invertebrates, soft and hard coral, and calciferous algae.
Mineral-Komplex S

Mineral concentrate for the restoration of trace elements and minerals in seawater aquariums. Ideal for  inver- tebrates and corals. MINERAL- KOMPLEX S replaces all the minerals absorbed by the invertebrates and the corals in saltwater aquariums. Reef-forming hard coral and red calciferous algae receive strontium, selenium and calcium, while iodine assures a deep green coloring of all Caulerpa species and prevents the formation of goitres in fish. Iodine usually dissipates after about 8 days in aquarium water and must absolutely be replenished on a regular basis. The coloring of Zooxanthellae, soft and stone coral is considerably favorized by the iron supplements contained in MINERAL-KOMPLEX S.


20 ml per 100 l of water once weekly. MINERAL-KOMPLEX S is an effective complement to ORGAN PLANER SEE, FORMEL PREIS KORALL and PREIS MAGNESIUM- IODINE CONCENTRATE.

We recommend the use of PREIS SEA SALT when renewing aquarium water.

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