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Preis Sea Salt



Agua de mar

PREIS SEA SALT is the fruit of years of salt water research.

PREIS SEA SALT has a high calcium content which can be assimilated by sea water creatures and which visibly enhances growth and development of invertebrates and corals. More than 70 trace elements and water-soluble vitamins are found in it. Water treated with PREIS SEA SALT is to be distinguished from natural sea water only by its capacity to respond to the specific needs of a saltwater tank. Contrary to the natural sea environment, our aquariums count a lot of species in a relatively small quantity of water. The amount of trace elements and minerals absorbed however, are the same as in the sea which at least, keeps regenerating.

As a result, there is a decrease in essential substances and an increase in superfluous parameters. The trace elements and the minerals added thanks to PREIS SEA SALT help you checking this process.

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