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Preis Easy Glue® Underwater

Preis Easy Glue® Underwater


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Preis Easy Glue Underwater
PREIS-EASY GLUE Underwater, iIdeal for gluing corals both above and below water.

PREIS-EASY GLUE Underwater is suitable for gluing all types of coral to fragstones or directly to a reef. The adhesive can also be applied underwater.

PREIS-EASY GLUE Underwater can also be used to glue plastic, ceramic, stone and decorative materials.

Coral glue gel for above and below water.

Freshly cut pieces of coral should be disinfected with Preis iodine before gluing.

After using Preis-Easy Glue Underwater, ensure that the tip is clean before replacing the cap.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Now in fresh water suitable for gluing of mosses, plants and roots. For secure fixing of bromeliads and tillandsia.

Box now with freshwater and seawater label.

Art.Nr. 338

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