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Calcium- | KH- | Magnesium-Fluid

Calcium- | KH- | Magnesium-Fluid


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Calcium Fluid | KH-Fluid | Magnesium Fluid
Calcium Fluid, KH-Fluid, Magnesium Fluid is a very effective and simple way to add Calcium, Magnesium and Carbonate hardness to your aquarium.

The liquid stock solution based on the Hans Werner Balling method makes mixing, weighing and the preparation of single components obsolete. The canisters are ready and can be added manually as well as with the help of a dosing system.

The demand is calculated by simply using the dosing program www.aquacalculator.com

Magnesium Fluid correlates to 2% stock solution. The KH Fluid is also suited to raise the carbonate in fresh water 50 ml/100 l equal 1 KH Calcium Fluid 50 ml/100 l yields 10 mg rise. An increase of more than 20 mg / day should be avoided.

Calcium and KH are used up faster than Magnesium in aquariums. Therefore, depending on the output value, the dosage depends on the frequency of the water change and consumption, and can be anywhere between daily and two times a week. All solutions should be used at different intervals or at different locations in the aquarium.

A good Magnesium level also stabilizes the Calcium level. If both values are too low, then both must be raised. Magnesium prevents the deposition (sediment) of Calcium and thus it remains available in the water.

Target value in salt water:

  • KH: 7-8
  • Calcium: 420-450mg
  • Magnesium: 1320-1350 mg

Calcium FluidKH-FluidMagnesium Fluid
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