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Preis Mineralien

Preis Mineralien


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Preis-Minerals restores the balance in the case of mineral deficiency in your aquarium water, supplying your invertebrates with the necessary minerals.
  • Enhances the development of the exoskeleton in freshwater shrimps and crabs and allows them to shed their shells readily
  • Promotes colour development and boosts the immune system in invertebrates
  • Mineralizes your aquarium water and raises the KH/GH if added regularly
  • Helps snails develop an intact shell


Add half a measuring spoon to 10l aquarium water before the outlet of your dynamic pump 1-2 times a week or after changing the water.
The powder spreads through the aquarium and dissolves slowly, falling to the bottom where it is actively absorbed by the animals.
Temporary clouding of the water is normal.

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