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Preis Strontium

Preis Strontium


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Preis Strontium eines der wichtigsten Spurenelemente für Riffaquarien.
Preis Strontium
Apart from calcium and magnesium, strontium is one of the most important trace elements in salt water. It is particularly essential for effective care of stone corals (SPS) and shells (Tridacna).

Strontium precipitates after 12-15 hours in the aquarium; this is accelerated by the use of adsorbers, ozone, or skimmers.

This can rapidly lead to deficiencies in stone corals. If added regularly, Preis-Strontium promotes the growth of reef-forming corals, while intensifying their colours.

1 drop to every 100l daily

The dose may be increased slightly for densely populated stone coral aquariums.

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