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Jungle Sugar Sand

Jungle Sugar Sand


Słodka woda

Jungle Sugar Sand
Jungle Sugar Sand® is a very fine, white substrate for freshwater aquariums with a specifically developed start-up bacterial culture; the bacteria are packed separately in a bag inside a tin.

As these start-up bacteria are dry, they are not susceptible to environ- mental impact, such as fluctuations in temperature or excessively long storage, as would be the case with liquid products. Start-up bacteria reduce the seeding phase and bio- logical maturation begins at once. The bacteria break down specific organic waste in the substrate and settle around the roots of the plants, encouraging the roots to absorb nutrients. The bacterial strains are supplied on a biological, mineral carrier substrate in opaque packaging.

Jungle Sugar Sand® is hardness-free, has a neutral PH, is Co² stable and has rounded grains. The sand is particularly suitable for Cichlids; these fish hunt through the sand for food and lay their spawn here. The colours of angelfish (Discus) and other freshwater fish are enhanced through the contrast with the white sand. Jungle Sugar Sand is also ideal for socialization of catfish, freshwater stingrays and prawns.

The amount of bacterial substrate in the pack is sufficient for the substrate supplied.

Start-up-bacteria are supplied with the 8kg and 25kg packs.

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