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Preis Lavaplan®

Preis Lavaplan®


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Preis Lavaplan
Long-lasting filter material for fresh and seawater aquariums. Biological filter and ideal nutritious flooring for aquatic plants.

PREIS LAVAPLAN® is exceptionally appropriate for long-life biological filters due to its porous surface struc- ture. Conventional filter materials such as gravel or basalt have a higher specific weight and can only be used as biological filters under particuliar conditions. With its low mass, its high purity and its neutral pH, PREIS LAVAPLAN®, on the contrary, is a valuable asset to all aquariums.

The different grain sizes of PREIS LAVAPLAN®  allow for efficient water flow which is indispensable for optimal bacterial colonisation. Due to the looseness and light weight of this gravel material, freshwater plants can fully develop their roots, thus enabling them to produce more beautiful and stronger foliage. At the same time, the absorption of nutrients by the roots is facilitated.

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