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Riogran / Riofilt

Riogran / Riofilt


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Preis Riogran / Riofilt
RIOGRAN with trace elements and iron.RIOFILT with trace elements and iron.

RIOGRAN is a new, lime-free gravel and nutrient substrate that assures healthy tropical freshwater plants. Recent research concerning fresh- water fish and aquatic plants has shown that quartz and calciferous gravel quickly remove valuable trace elements, including iron, from the water thus hindering the growth of aquatic plants. RIOGRAN gravel flooring for freshwater aquariums automatically complements vital trace elements and iron over a long period of time. RIOGRAN gravel flooring – a way to ensure magnificent vegetation in freshwater aquariums.

RIOFILT is especially appropriate for biological filtering with multicham- ber, suction and ground filters.
RIOFILT is manufactured from the same valuable substances as RIOGRAN but to a coarser 5 – 10 mm calibre.

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