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Preis Carely

Preis Carely


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Preis Carely
Preis Carely is the ideal care product for all ornamental fish, especially Discus, Malawi-Tanganyika perch, new fish to the aquarium and imports.

Cleans the gills and intestinal tract intensively. With its combination of active substances, this product guarantees the ideal care for your fish. Preis Carely contains only natural substances and therefore will not harm aquatic plants, corals or invertebrates.

Specific cleaning with Preis Carely is essential for many freshwater and seawater breeds. We recommend adding the following doses to the water to clean the gills and help the fish breathe calmly:

Days 1 and 2:
15ml to 100l aquarium water

Repeat Days 8 and 9:
15ml to 100l aquarium water

In order to ensure effective intestinal flora, we recommend adding this product to the feed:
Add 10ml of Preis Carely to about

1 tablespoonful of feed twice daily, allow to absorb then feed to the fish. Repeat this dose on 3 conse- cutive days. In order to stimulate their appetite and give the fish the vitamins they need, you should also add Fish-V-Power to the feed.

For newly imported fish or sensitive breeds, we recommend combining administration with the water and feed.

When using this product, you should remove filter media such as activated carbons, ion exchangers and zeolites from the filter.

Protein skimmers, UV devices and normal biological and mechanical filters can still be used as always.

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