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Fish-V-Power, energizer for the fresh- and the seawater fish in aquariums. To be used regularly, as a treatment, after any disease, or after having purchased livestock or else, to help the young fish to thrive.

Fish-V-Power, the natural multienergizer to enjoy resistant, healthy ornamental fish. Besides amino acids such as omega 3 - fatty acids, this new top product contains valuable ingredients, such as ginseng, propolis, ginger and ginkgo, as well as a special selection of high-quality fish oils composed of a high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids.

Indeed, following on stressful situations due to changes, power struggles with other members of the same species as well as long transports, the fish have to contend even more with pathogens and parasites. Fish-V-Power reinforces no only the urge to spawn, but helps the young ones to grow rapidly, helps them to withstand better and also intensifies their colours. We recommend that you systematically proceed to a vitalizing treatment after any fish importation or purchase, but also during and after any treatment of disease, as well as for the rearing of the spawn. Of course, Fish-V-Power can also be permanently administered, so as to obviate any vitamin deficiency. You will be delighted to see your fish sound, showing beautiful colours and you will enjoy them very long. dosage for a 6 week-treatment, during which a dose is added not only to the water but also to the food. 

Water Dosage:
Add 10 ml to 100l water, 1x a day, 2 x per week. Food dosage: dispense 10 ml Fish V-Power onto 10g frozen food and allow to be absorbed.

Dispense 5 –10 ml Fish V-Power onto 1 tea spoon of dry food  (flakes, granules, sticks). Food dosage for kois and other fish 

In ponds:
Mix carefully 30 ml of Fish-V-Power with approximately one cup of pellets or sticks. No water dosage available.

Water dosage for a lasting treatment:
Add 10ml to 100l water, every other week. Food dosage for a lasting treatment: administer a similar quantity as for the treatment but only with every other feeding. Shake well before use.

After the opening, keep in a cool place!

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