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Fish-V-Power, ener­gizer for the fresh- and the seawater fish in aquar­i­ums. To be used reg­u­larly, as a treat­ment, after any disease, or after having pur­chased live­stock or else, to help the young fish to thrive.

Fish-V-Power, the natural mul­tien­er­gizer to enjoy res­ist­ant, healthy orna­ment­al fish. Besides amino acids such as omega 3 - fatty acids, this new top product contains valuable ingredi­ents, such as ginseng, propolis, ginger and ginkgo, as well as a special selec­tion of high-quality fish oils composed of a high per­cent­age of unsat­ur­ated fatty acids.

Indeed, fol­low­ing on stress­ful situ­ations due to changes, power struggles with other members of the same species as well as long trans­ports, the fish have to contend even more with patho­gens and para­sites. Fish-V-Power rein­forces no only the urge to spawn, but helps the young ones to grow rapidly, helps them to with­stand better and also intens­i­fies their colours. We recom­mend that you sys­tem­at­ic­ally proceed to a vital­iz­ing treat­ment after any fish import­a­tion or purchase, but also during and after any treat­ment of disease, as well as for the rearing of the spawn. Of course, Fish-V-Power can also be per­man­ently admin­istered, so as to obviate any vitamin defi­ciency. You will be delighted to see your fish sound, showing beau­ti­ful colours and you will enjoy them very long. dosage for a 6 week-treat­ment, during which a dose is added not only to the water but also to the food. 

Water Dosage:
Add 10 ml to 100l water, 1x a day, 2 x per week. Food dosage: dispense 10 ml Fish V-Power onto 10g frozen food and allow to be absorbed.

Dispense 5 –10 ml Fish V-Power onto 1 tea spoon of dry food  (flakes, granules, sticks). Food dosage for kois and other fish 

In ponds:
Mix care­fully 30 ml of Fish-V-Power with approx­im­ately one cup of pellets or sticks. No water dosage avail­able.

Water dosage for a lasting treat­ment:
Add 10ml to 100l water, every other week. Food dosage for a lasting treat­ment: admin­is­ter a similar quantity as for the treat­ment but only with every other feeding. Shake well before use.

After the opening, keep in a cool place!

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