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Organ Planer Plus 7

Organ Planer Plus 7


Agua dulce

Preis Organ Planer Plus 7
For plants in aquariums (freshwater) and freshwater preparation.

ORGAN PLANER PLUS 7 contains seven carefully coordinated substances. ORGAN PLANER PLUS 7 eliminates the detrimental effects of source water (tap water) immediately upon application, thus avoiding damage to the mucous membranes of fish.

ORGAN PLANER PLUS 7 delivers all important nutrients required by aquatic plants through the roots and leaves, promoting abundant growth. These nutrients are kept available to the plants in the water at all times using a procedure based on the latest scientific findings (biochemistry). The fish develop a greater resistance to disease and recover more quickly from transportation lesions. Spawning is enhanced by special additives in the product which also ensure homogenous growth of the brood. With PREIS KOHLE in the filter an artificial ecological system can be created that ensures the abundant reproduction of phytoplankton (one-celled plants) and zooplankton (animal plankton). At the same time undesired algae growth is inhibited.

20 ml per 100 l of water once weekly.

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