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Organ Planer Plus 7

Organ Planer Plus 7



Preis Organ Planer Plus 7
For plants in aquar­i­ums (fresh­wa­ter) and fresh­wa­ter pre­par­a­tion.

ORGAN PLANER PLUS 7 contains seven care­fully coordin­ated sub­stances. ORGAN PLANER PLUS 7 elim­in­ates the det­ri­ment­al effects of source water (tap water) imme­di­ately upon applic­a­tion, thus avoiding damage to the mucous mem­branes of fish.

ORGAN PLANER PLUS 7 delivers all import­ant nutri­ents required by aquatic plants through the roots and leaves, pro­mot­ing abundant growth. These nutri­ents are kept avail­able to the plants in the water at all times using a pro­ced­ure based on the latest sci­entif­ic findings (bio­chem­istry). The fish develop a greater res­ist­ance to disease and recover more quickly from trans­port­a­tion lesions. Spawning is enhanced by special addit­ives in the product which also ensure homo­gen­ous growth of the brood. With PREIS KOHLE in the filter an arti­fi­cial eco­lo­gic­al system can be created that ensures the abundant repro­duc­tion of phyto­plank­ton (one-celled plants) and zooplank­ton (animal plankton). At the same time undesired algae growth is inhib­ited.

20 ml per 100 l of water once weekly.

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