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Preis Magnesium-Iodine concentrate

Preis Magnesium-Iodine concentrate


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Preis Magnesium-Iodine concentrate
Magnesium is the second-largest component of sea-salt (after sodium chloride).

The magnesium content of natural saltwater is about 1350 mg /l, which is considerably higher than the calcium content 450 mg / l.

In aquariums with an insufficient magnesium concentration, calcium will be depleted much more quickly than calcium carbonate.

Poor growth of calciferous algae, gorgonia and stone coral is a sure sign of an unbalanced magnesium- calcium ratio. Especially in the treatment of osmosis water, many aquarium owners use only calcium preparations to raise the hardness. In order to ensure a safe balance

between calcium and magnesium as well as an ideal calcium supply, we recommend using MINERAL KOMPLEX S once weekly. For an optimal magnesium supply, use PREIS MAGNESIUM-IODINE CON- CENTRATE twice weekly.

In addition to magnesium, PREIS MAGNESIUM IODINE CONCEN- TRATE contains iodine which is a vital trace-element. The iodine concentration of natural seawater is about 0.06 mg / l. Iodine tends to become depleted very quickly, and depletion is furthered by heavy scumming and strong illumination. Iodine must therefore be regularly replaced, since invertebrates and coral will grow poorly if suffering from iodine deficiency.

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