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Preis Mineral Salt

Preis Mineral Salt


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Preis Mineral Salt
PREIS MINERAL SALT is a mixture of all components present in sea salt, such as minerals, trace elements, and vitamins, but free of sodium chloride (common salt). Sodium chloride is the major component of sea salt and increases the conductivity of water considerably.

With PREIS MINERAL SALT you can finally prepare your osmosis water or soft tap water in such a way that you obtain a precisely adjusted, mineral-rich water for replacing evaporated aquarium water or for the addition of sea salt. This way all minerals vital for the growth and thriving of invertebrates and coral are added when replacing water.

We recommend MINERAL KOMPLEX S for additional enrichment with the trace elements strontium, iron, selenium and iodine.

In the aquarium magazine Koralle 14/2002 Hans Werner Balling recommends a procedure for adding calcified water with calcium chloride and sodium hydrogen car- bonate. When following this procedure, PREIS MINERAL SALT is added as a sea salt mixture free of sodium chloride.

With the help of PREIS MINERAL SALT, alkaline freshwater can be prepared which corresponds to the particular water conditions found in the Malawi and Tanganyika Lakes.

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